Record Book Forms

(Last updated 8/8/19)

Where to start:

CC 4-H Record Book Process 1.24.19

CC 4-H Record Book Process Evaluation Form 1.24.19

SAMPLE CC 4-H Record Book Process Evaluation Form 1.24.19


Traditional 4-H Record Book Instructions 6.2019

4-H Activity Record 6.2019

CC 4-H Portfolio 8.23.18 (PDF)

CC 4-H Portfolio Fillable 

Action Words – Putting Your 4-H Experience to Work for You! (PDF, 4 pages, 629 KB)

Cloverbud Record Book 2019  (Word, 9 pages, 275 KB)
Cloverbud Record Book 2019 (PDF, 9 pages, 389 KB)

Record Book Cover (Word, 1 page, 164 KB)
Record Book Cover (PDF, 1 page, 90 KB)

Columbia County Record Book Project Rubric 1.2018 (Word, 1 page, 83 KB)

Alternate Project Score Sheet 1.2018 (Word, 1 page)


Record Book Resources for Club Leaders

Forms to return checklist

Overall Outstanding Performance Award Nomination Summary

Club Officer Book Nomination Form

Self-Achievement Award Recognition Summary

4-H Member Project Award Discs Summary

Club Form 2019

Cloverbud Evaluation Form

Club Web Information


All projects need the “Record for ________ Project” and a specific Financial Record.

Record for ____________ Project (PDF, 3 pages, 226 KB) (all projects need)
Record for ____________ Project  (Word, 3 pages, 18 KB)
Record for ____________ Project – fillable (Word, 2 pages, 31 KB)


Plus one of these!

4-H Project Expense Record for ________ Project (PDF, 1 page, 16 KB) (for any project not below)
4-H Project Expense Record for ________ Project (Word, 1 page, 15 KB)

Beef Breeding Stock Financial Record (PDF, 4 pages, 52 KB)
Beef Breeding Stock Financial Record (Word, 4 pages, 110 KB)

Market Beef Financial Record (PDF, 3 pages)

Market Beef Financial Record (Word, 3 pages)

Cat Pet Exotic Animal Financial Record (PDF, 2 pages, 23 KB)
Cat Pet Exotic Animal Financial Record (Word, 2 pages, 60 KB)

Crop Financial Record (PDF, 4 pages, 42 KB)
Crop Financial Record (Word, 4 pages, 96 KB)

Dairy Financial Record (PDF, 1 page, 16 KB)
Dairy Financial Record (Word, 1 page, 44 KB)

Lifetime Dairy Record (PDF, 2 pages, 26 KB)
Lifetime Dairy Record (Word, 2 pages, 64 KB)

Dairy Goat Financial Record (PDF, 1 page, 16 KB)
Dairy Goat Financial Record (Word, 1 page, 44 KB)

Market Goat Financial Record (PDF, 3 pages)

Market Goat Financial Record (Word, 3 pages)

Lifetime Dairy Goat Record (PDF, 2 pages, 45 KB)
Lifetime Dairy Goat Record (Word, 2 pages, 71 KB)

Dog Financial Record (PDF, 2 pages, 22 KB)
Dog Financial Record (Word, 2 pages, 61 KB)

Food Financial Record (PDF, 1 page, 18 KB)
Food Financial Record (Word, 1 page, 52 KB)

Horse Financial Record (PDF, 6 pages, 61 KB)
Horse Financial Record (Word, 6 pages, 160 KB)

Horseless Horse Financial Record (PDF, 1 page, 15 KB)
Horseless Horse Financial Record (Word, 1 page, 44 KB)

Poultry Financial Record (PDF, 4 pages, 45 KB)

Poultry Financial Record (Word, 4 pages, 44 KB)

Rabbit Financial Record (PDF, 4 pages, 34 KB)

Rabbit Financial Record (Word, 4 pages ,44 KB)

Sheep Breeding Stock Financial Record (PDF, 6 pages, 62 KB)
Sheep Breeding Stock Financial Record (Word, 6 pages, 134 KB)

Market Sheep Financial Record (PDF, 3 pages)

Market Sheep Financial Record (Word, 3 pages)

Swine Breeding Stock Financial Record (PDF, 4 pages, 52 KB)
Swine Breeding Stock Financial Record (Word, 4 pages, 102 KB)

Market Swine Financial Record (PDF, 3 pages)

Market Swine Financial Record (Word, 3 pages)