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(Last Updated: 5/15/24)
For information about Wisconsin 4-H Animal Science projects (both large and small animals),
visit: 4-H Projects

Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program – UW-Madison, Division of Extension  

Help Keep Our Animals Healthy: Wash Your Hands

Learn More Challenge Award Livestock Educational Cards:  Hand-Delivered June 30th, or emailed by 11:59 pm June 30th to the Columbia County Extension Office.

BEEF  BEEF Educational Card (PDF, 2 pages, 224 KB)

GOATS  GOAT Educational Card  (PDF, 2 pages, 207 KB)

POULTRY POULTRY-AVIAN Educational Card (PDF, 2 pages, 229 KB)

RABBITS  RABBIT Educational Card (PDF, 2 pages, 219KB)

SHEEP      SHEEP Educational Card (PDF, 2 pages, 223 KB)

SWINE      SWINE Educational Card (PDF, 2 pages, 141 KB)

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