Pesticide Applicator Training in Columbia County

(Last updated 4/12/22)






All private farmers who apply restricted use pesticides must be certified once every five (5) years.  The training is a cooperative effort by UW-Extension, DATCP, and local Co-Ops and suppliers.  Training sessions are usually offered in January, February or March of each year in Columbia & surrounding counties.

PAT Manuals are available at the Columbia County Extension Office, 112 E. Edgewater St., Rm. 212, Portage, WI or online at The cost is $30 payable by check or cash only.

Or you can order a PAT manual by mail at:

If you were unable to attend one of the sessions, you may schedule a time to take the self-study exam at the Columbia County Extension office, exam times are limited.

To schedule a time to take the exam, please email or call Sarah Millard.

Sarah Millard, Administrative Assistant; 608-742-9688;


  • Online training is FREE in 2022 once you have purchased the manual.
  • Purchase a General Farming Manual.
  • Registration is required. Available at any time. General Computer or Smart Phone.
  • Schedule an exam at the Columbia County Extension Office. Minimum passing score is 70%.

Register at:

Call 608.742.9688 to schedule an exam appointment.  Exam appointment times are limited.  Testing will take place at the Columbia County Administration Building, Columbia County Extension, 112 E. Edgewater Street, Room 212, Portage, WI.  Plan for about 2-1/2 hours total.

More information on Pesticides can be found at:

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