(last updated 2/23/21)

Every MGV is required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of volunteer service and an additional 10 hours of continuing education after the first year to maintain certification. Keeping a record of those hours and turning them in by the deadline each year is very important. Not only do these records allow for recognition of volunteers for their hard work, but they are also invaluable for program evaluation. Timesheets provide a record of the many ways MGs serve the public. Local and state governments, which fund the program, are very interested in how effectively Extension uses tax revenues. Consequently detailed records benefit both the MG Program and its clients.

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Enrollment and Recording & Submitting Hours

Continuing Education Hours   10 hours required for 2021

Volunteer hours – Normally 24 hours are required per year. Due to Covid-19, 0 hours are required for 2021

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