Local Food Growers & Producers

Local Food Growers & Producers

The food Industry includes:

  • Agriculture: raising of fruits and vegetables, livestock and seafood
  • Food processing: preparation of fresh products for market, and manufacture of prepared food produce
  • Wholesale and distribution, warehousing
  • Grocery, farmers markets, public markets and retailing
  • Regulation: local, regional, national, and international rules and regulations for food production and sale, including food quality, food security, food safety

Columbia County has access to many local producers who provide a variety of fresh items.

  • BABCOCK CREEK GARDENS, W1958 State Road 16, Fall River, Contact Erich Ehlers, 920.382.5266 or ericehlers22@gmail.com
  • BAHR FAMILY FARM, W4821State Road 16, Rio, Contact Warren Bahr, 920.992.5119
  • CIRCLE J SOUTHDOWNS, N1747 Harvey Drive, Rio, Contact Amy, 920.253.5473 or circlejsouthdowns@hughes.net
  • COPPER PENNY GARLIC FARM, N4858 State Road 78, Portage, Contact Jena Blau, 608.697.0279 or jenablau@hotmail.com
  • COUNTRY BUMPKIN FARM MARKET, E9745 County Road P, WI Dells, 608.254.2311 or countrybumpkinfarm@yahoo.com
  • COUNTRY KETTLE CORN, W6999 Theil Road, Portage, 608.429.2057 or jimjulians@gmail.com
  • CREEK BED COUNTRY FARMACY, N2767 Mountford Road, Poynette, 608.635.8798 or farmer@creekbedfarm.com
  • CROSS FAMILY PORK/CROSS SHOWPIGS, N9097 State Road 44, Pardeeville, Contact Mark & Cara Cross, 608.429.4012 or 608.772.4013 or mccross12@gmail.com
  • DREAM ACRES FARM, LLC., W6212 County Road EE, Pardeeville, 608.429.4637
  • EMERALD MEADOWS FAMILY FARM, W1547 County Road K, Columbus, 920.948.8216 or emeraldmeadowsfamilyfarm@gmail.com
  • ENGLEWOOD GRASS FED BEEF, W1414 County Road Z, Fall River, 920.484.8457 or englewoodgrassfedbeef@gmail.com

  • FISCHER FAMILY FARM, Pardeeville Road, Cambria, Contact Andy & Sadie Fischer, 608.617.3293 or 1lonelyoakfarm@gmail.com
  • HIDDEN VALLEY MUSHROOM FARM, S270 Birchwood Road, WI Dells, 608.253.6804 or mrtylka@aol.com
  • JENKINS FAMILY FARMS, N9220 Fenske Road, Dalton, 608.279.2879 or jenkbefrm@gmail.com
  • LAPACEK’S ORCHARD, N1959 Kroncke Road, Poynette, 608.635.4780 or lapaceksorchard@gmail.com
  • LINK’S GREENHOUSE AND FARM, N9905 Link Road, Portage, 608.742.6758 or linksgreenhouse@gmail.com
  • PLAHNT FARM, 538 N. Main Street, Fall river, 608.332.5020 or plahnts@gmail.com
  • PRICE FAMILY FARM PRODUCE, N7556 State Road 44, Pardeeville, 608.429.2750 or idaprice1333@gmail.com
  • PRISKE’S ASPARAGUS FARM, W5639 State Road 16, Rio, 920.992.3330 or pritom01@aol.com
  • RAINBOW HILL FARM, N4754 County Road V, Poynette, 608.279.186 or rainbowhillfarm@outlook.com
  • SALEMVILLE CHEESE COOPERATIVE, W4481 County Road GG, Cambria, 920.394.3433

  • SASSY COW CREAMERY, W4192 Bristol Road, Columbus, 608.445.2010 or info@sassycowcreamery.com
  • SMITH FARM MARKET, Hwy 22/23 Pardeeville
  • SWEET WISCONSIN HONEY, N4249 Hwy 51, Poynette, Contact Shawn & Keri Bahr, 608.635.3876 or bahrtrap@centurytel.net
  • TREINEN FARM CORN MAZE AND PUMPKIN PACH, W12420 State Hwy 60, Lodi, 608.622.7407
  • YOUTH EARTH FARM, W11544 County Road CF, Randolph, 608.843.5730 or farmer@youngearthfarm.com