Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Communtiy Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Why belong to a CSA?

  • Introduces new and unique varieties of vegetables that may not be widely available, thus increasing healthy eating and cooking
  • Provides members an opportunity to take an active and ecologically friendly role in the production and distribution of high-quality organic produce

What is a CSA?

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) format is fairly simple – the farm sells “shares” of locally grown produce every year in different sizes.  the members (that’s potentially you) buy a share for a set price and in return, the grower provides you with a box of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables every week for the length of the season.

  • BECKER FAMILY FARMS, N2652 Tonja Drive, Lodi, Contact Matthew Becker, 608.231.9836 or
  • LUNA CIRCLE FARM, N2765 Severson Road, Rio, 608.852.3559 or
  • TWO GOOD FARMS CSA, W1547 County Road K, Columbus, 920.948.8216 or
  • BURR OAK GARDENS, W5511 County Road B, Rio, Contact Kate Rowe 608.852.5348 or 920.992.3643 or
  • SCHROEDER FRESH PRODUCE, W5234 King Road, Rio, 608.697.3787 or