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Welcome to Columbia County Local Foods

Columbia County UW-Extension is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community food system that is economically viable, environmentally sound and socially just for all Columbia County residents. This Local Food web portal has been developed by Columbia County UW-Extension to provide local food systems resources and timely information to all residents and businesses across the county. The goal of the website is to provide information and link to local food resources.

 Click on the link below to find local foods in your area:

Local Food Interactive Map


Columbia County farmers are stewards, they own and manage 63% or 307,973 acres of the county’s land. This includes local produce & fruits, cropland, rangeland, pasture, tree farms and farm forests. As stewards of the land, farmers use conservation practices, such as crop rotation, nutrient management and integrated pest management, to protect environmental resources and provide habitat for wildlife. 

 Local food sales contribute $1,184,000 to Columbia County’s economy. More and more Columbia County farmers sell directly to consumers from roadside stands, farmers’ markets, auctions and pick-your-own operations, with grass-fed beef is a growing enterprise. Buying local food when possible is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and support local businesses and farms.

How Important is agriculture to Columbia County’s Economy?

  • 157 local food farms generate $1,894,000 in sales.
  • provides jobs for 4,029 Columbia County residents.
  • accounts for $779 million in economic activity.
  • contributes $241 million to the county’s total income.
  • pays $12.9 million in taxes.


Have you ever wondered how healthy people in Columbia County are?

  • 35% of adults are obese (WI 31%)
  • 8% are diabetic (WI 9%)
  • 7.1% have asthma (per 10k hospitalizations, WI 8.7%)
  • 3.4% have coronary heart disease (hospitalizations per 1000 pop, WI 2.8%)
  • 3.2% have cerebrovascular disease (hospitalizations per 1000 pop, WI 2.5%)

Studies show that healthy eating and daily physical activity have a profound impact on the body and mind by improving the ability to learn and comprehend, boosting energy, improving school/work attendance and changing attitudes, behavior and more.