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Pressure Canner Testing

Pressure-canner imageDon’t forget to have the dial gauge on your pressure canner tested.  It is recommended to have this gauge tested every year. It’s also a good idea to review the publication “Using & Caring for a Pressure Canner” publication by the University of Wisconsin-Extension. Here is a list of  canning resources

Columbia County is able to test pressure canner gauges. Please call ahead and schedule a time to come in. You can schedule a time to come in using the phone number 608-742-9680.


Register now for the Edible Startup Summit

Edible Startup Summit (virtual) — November  9 to 10, 2020

The Edible Startup Summit will be held November 9 and 10 as a virtual training program. This popular program gives participants the knowledge and connections to start a food business. Participants will hear  successful food entrepreneurs and business development experts speak about various aspects of developing a sustainable food business. Participants will also learn about trends in the food sector; product development; business planning; food safety, licenses and regulations; maintenance of financial records, financing and product pricing.

Participants can attend as many sessions as desired for the bargain price of $25.00. Scholarships will also be available.

Register through Eventbrite here: Edible Startup Summit 2020 

Additional resources for starting a food business can be found here.

For help to register in Spanish please call Claudia Wiederholt 608-224-3704/ Si necesita ayuda para inscribirse, comuniquese con Claudia Wiederholt 608-224-3704.

An announcement in Spanish follows

Virtual Edible Startup Summit — Del 9 al 10 noviembre de 2020

La Edible Startup Summit es un programa virtual de capacitación de dos días que le brindará los conocimientos y las conexiones para iniciar su negocio de alimentos. Escuche hablar a emprendedores de alimentos exitosos y expertos en desarrollo de negocios sobre diversos aspectos del desarrollo de un negocio de alimentos sostenible. Aprenderá sobre tendencias en el sector de alimentos; desarrollo de productos; planificación de negocios; seguridad con los alimentos, licencias y reglamentos; mantenimiento de registros financieros, financiamiento y definición de precios de sus productos. Mas información aquí.

Inscríbete Aquí: Edible Startup Summit 2020 

Si necesita ayuda para inscribirse llame a Claudia Wiederholt 608-224-3704.

Mas información de desarrollo empresarial aquí.

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