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Please be respectful of the barn quilt owners and only view and take pictures of the barn quilts from the road or driveway.

Using the barn quilt online map viewer:  Use the +/- icons to enlarge or reduce map size.  As you enlarge the map, you will see more road detail, and the barn locations will spread out. To move the entire map north, south, west, or east:  click, hold, and drag.  Have patience; it takes a moment for the map screen to adjust.

Mission Statement

The mission of Barn Quilts of Columbia County is to celebrate the agricultural heritage of our county through the warmth and beauty of quilting art.


  • To preserve the agricultural character of Columbia County
  • To celebrate the county’s history and heritage
  • To encourage artistic expression
  • To bring generations together to learn and share
  • To encourage economic development by promoting agri-tourism and other local businesses

 Criteria for barns/farm structures that will feature a Barn Quilt

  • Reflects the agricultural heritage of the county
  • Will be visible during all seasons without obstruction of trees, crops or other buildings
  • Should be a stable, permanent building large enough to frame the quilt square appropriately
  • Does not have to be on an active farm but must be on a farm that is well-kept
  • Must be located along a road that is well-maintained during all seasons
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