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(last updated 7/8/19)

Columbia County Ag Reporter

July – Aug 2019 Ag Reporter (PDF, 12 pages)

May – June 2019 Ag Reporter (PDF, 12 pages)

Mar – Apr 2019 Ag Reporter (PDF, 8 pages)

January – February 2019 Ag Reporter (PDF, 12 pages)

Nov – Dec 2018 Ag Reporter (PDF, 10 pages)

Sept – Oct 2018 Ag Reporter (PDF, 8 pages)

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Columbia County Snapshots

Weekly Ag Snapshot

The 2019 Summary of Ag Reporter Snapshots contain items by date only.  Actual emails for the last month are to the left.  If you need something earlier, please contact Jennifer.  Thank you.

2019 Summary of Ag Reporter Snapshots (PDF, 5 pages, 41KB)


7.5.19 AR Snapshot (PDF, 4 pages)

6.28.19 AR Snapshot (PDF, 5 pages)

6.21.19 AR Snapshot (PDF, 6 pages)

6.14.19 AR Snapshot (PDF, 9 pages)

George Koepp, Agriculture AgentGeorge Koepp
Extension Columbia County
Administration Building
112 E. Edgewater Street, Room 212
Portage, WI 53901
Phone: 608-742-9682
Fax: 608-742-9862
TTY/TDD:  711 Phone Relay