International Foods Workshop

International Foods

May 20, 2023

10:30 am Setup

11:00 am Program

InternationalFoods Flyer.2023 (PDF, 2 pages)

Objectives – Members will: 

  • Increase knowledge of food and customs of other countries
  • Try new foods
  • Share knowledge with others/increase communication skills
  • Publicly demonstrate learning and build confidence


  • Open to any 4-H member, grades K – 13, or any interested non-4-H member

What do you do???  Participants will:

  • Select a country they want to learn more about;
  • Prepare a food from that country;
  • Set up an exhibit, usually on a display board (the exhibitor may choose to wear a heritage costume or not);
  • Give a short talk about the country’s food and customs.

The International Foods Workshop Program……

All participants and their guests travel as a group from table to table. The participant gives their talk about their chosen country. Then, all attendees have an opportunity to sample the food and ask questions about the country being discussed.  The focus is on participation.  No judging occurs except for the selection, by the youth participants, of a people’s choice award (see details below).

Best Overall International Foods Exhibit – People’s Choice Award

International Foods participants (not Cloverbud project members) may vote for one International Foods exhibit.  You may ask the exhibitor questions if desired.  The exhibitor with the most votes will receive a prize.

I vote for number_______ because___________________________________________

*(because they are my friend is not a valid reason)


When voting for Best Overall International Foods Exhibit, please consider the following:

  • Does the international food prepared look “good enough” to eat?
  • Are the recipe directions easy to understand?
  • Was the exhibit informative and well presented?
  • Did the “short talk” explain the food and its country of origin?
  • Is the participant able to explain what they learned and answer questions?
  • Is the participant well-groomed and appropriately dressed?