Menominee Merrymakers

Meeting Information

Date:   1st Sunday of the month
Time:   6:00 p.m.
Location:   Lewiston School & Newport Town Hall

General Leaders

Name:   Judy Brunn
Phone:   (608) 253-9604
Cell:   (608) 697-0949

Name:   Marci Walker
Phone:   (608) 253-3003
Cell:   (608) 963-1986

Name:   Marci Rietmann
Phone:   (608) 742-3505
Cell:   (608) 697-8100

Club Officers

President:   Megan Cibulka
Vice President:   Alli Walker
Secretary:   Katelyn Brunn
Treasurer:   Erich Brunn
Other:   Brett Walker

Club Information

# of Members:   24
# of Adult Leaders:  4

Most Popular Projects:   Dairy, Horse, Arts & Crafts

Fundraisers:   Candy Bars, Coffee SalesCommunity Service Projects:   Salvation Army bell ringing, Valentines for Dells Rehabilitation Center and for troops overseas, Food drives for food pantry.

Events/Activities:   Halloween/Christmas Party, Ice skating