last updated (11/12/21)


Nationwide, there are over 5.5 million 4-H youth in 4-H organizations.   Cloverbuds are youth who participate in a 4-H program designed for grades K-2.

Cloverbuds have the opportunity to try a variety of projects & activities; building, cooking, photography and learning about animals are just a few of the choices.

Cloverbud resource materials are available upon request.

What Is Offered at the County Level

  • A county-wide committee usually schedules several activities for all Cloverbuds in the county to attend. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the committee and/or to help at county events.
  • Cloverbuds are encouraged to participate in the Communication Arts Festival and county Demonstration Contest.
  • Foods Revue gives Cloverbuds an opportunity to shine.
  • A summer day camp just for Cloverbuds is held each year.
  • Several family events and learning activities are held throughout the year and Cloverbuds are encouraged to attend.

 For more information, please contact the UW- Extension Office at 608-742-9680.