Miscellaneous Projects (Adult & Youth Leadership; Service Learning & Citizenship; Self-Determined; and International)

(last updated 1/23/13)


  • If you would like more information on becoming an adult volunteer, contact the Extension Office.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP (10200, 10201, 10202, 10203, 10209)

SERVICE LEARNING (10750, 10751, 10752)

CITIZENSHIP (10800, 10801, 10809)

SELF-DETERMINED (10900, 10901, 10909)

  • Self Determined Projects UW-Extension website
  • A self-determined project gives you the freedom to create your own project or expand a traditional one.  Select your project, outline a plan, identify resources, carry out and evaluate your plan.  Do what you want to do in this project.

INTERNATIONAL (90150, 90151)

  • International Projects UW-Extension website
  • You’ll enjoy activities that look carefully at the world, especially its physical properties and people.  Take time to understand your global citizenship responsibilities in today’s interdependent world.