4-H Rolling In Clover Newsletter & Weekly Emails

(last updated 11/19/20)

4-H Weekly Email

The 4-H Weekly Emails for the last 4 weeks are to the left with the most recent at the top.  If you need something earlier, please contact Sarah.  Thank you.

4-H Weekly Emails


11.19.20 4-H Weekly Update (PDF, 8 pages)

11.13.20 4-H Weekly Update (PDF, 9 pages)

11.5.20 4-H Weekly Update (PDF, 9 pages)

10.30.20 4-H Weekly Update (PDF, 9 pages)


 (see event registrations at https://columbia.extension.wisc.edu/4-h-events/4-h-eventregistrations/)

(see calendar at https://columbia.extension.wisc.edu/4-h-events/4-h-calendar-of-eventsdeadlines/)

(Please let Sarah know if you can’t open.)